Lighting To Overtake Cellphones As Largest LED Driver IC Sector

With the efficiency and total lumen output for light emitting diodes (LED) on the rise, lighting this year will surpass cellphones as the biggest application for LED driver ICs (integrated circuit), with revenue rising by more than 50 percent annually, and then more than doubling by 2018.

The market for LED driver ICs in LED lighting is set to grow to $323 million this year, upLighting to overtake from $214 million in 2012, according to a new report from IMS Research, now part of IHS Inc. This will allow the LED market for lighting to exceed that of cellphones, which will have revenue of $316 million. Continue reading

Efficient Lighting Tops Energy Efficiency Investment League

Efficient lighting tops the list of green technology investments in a new survey from the Carbon Trust.

Over three-quarters of businesses polled (77%) said they’d invested in energy efficientgreen business directory lighting in the past year, followed by employee awareness training (59%) and energy metering, monitoring and targeting technology (57%).
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EPA Publishes the Final Draft of the Energy Star Lamps Specification

Intended to become effective September 1, 2014, the final draft of the Lamps V1.0 specification includes refinement of dimming requirements and other minor changes from draft 4 that was recently circulated for comments.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the final draft of the Energy Star Lamps V1.0 specification that has been under development for more than two years. The changes from draft 4 that had been published this spring are relatively minor, and the new specification is slated to take effect September 1, 2014. The agency intends to publish the final specification in August. Continue reading

Advanced Sustainable Lighting Solutions

Technology Foundation STW and Philips has officially launched its “Advanced Sustainable Lighting Solutions” partnership to meet the growing demand for sustainable lighting with the approval of eight research projects.

Mega LEDs. Source: RobotGrrl

Mega LEDs. Source: RobotGrrl

By 2050, the world’s lighting consumption is expected to have increased threefold. Continue reading

How Cree Perfected The 20-Year Lightbulb

This North Carolina maker of light emitting diodes aims to kill off the incandescent lightbulb. It’s already doubled its market cap to $7 billion in just one year.

Cree CEO Chuck Swoboda, May 2013. Credit Michael J. Bowles for Forbes

Cree CEO Chuck Swoboda, May 2013.
Credit Michael J. Bowles for Forbes

In the ad for Cree lightbulbs you see snow whipping across a desolate field as a bagpipe creaks out “Amazing Grace.” An announcer holds up a lightbulb and speaks into the camera. “Mr. Edison, today we lay to rest your creation, the incandescent lightbulb. I know you’re not shocked, sir. You knew that it needed an unreasonable amount of energy to do its job and that it had the life span of a lucky bug.”

He fits the bulb into a tiny wooden casket and places it into a hole in the ground. Then we see Cree’s new LED bulb. “The biggest thing since the lightbulb,” we’re told. Continue reading