About USIlluminations

USIlluminations specializes in saving our clients’ money with energy efficient lighting solutions that conserve energy, reduce maintenance costs and enhance the work environment. We offer a turnkey approach providing and installing the highest quality and most cost effective solutions that fit your lighting needs. Our client footprint spans from 2,000 square feet to 250,000 square feet. We retrofit a wide range of building types. They include, but are not limited to manufacturing and industrial, retail and office, medical and service facilities, government and schools, recreational and marine, warehouse and 
museums, and restaurants.

Our dedicated staff works closely with each client to manage the project from start to finish. No matter the type or size of  the facility, we offer the same quality of service to every client.

  • One of our qualified lighting experts will perform, at no charge, a site audit and compile a detailed energy analysis based off the most energy efficient lighting design for your facility.
  • We provide an itemized proposal that enhances your ability to make “best case” business decisions.
  • We can also provide a comprehensive maintenance and upgrade program designed to upgrade and maintain the integrity of the existing lighting system at your facility.
  • Financing is available for up to 100% of your lighting project with flexible terms that fit your budget.
  • Our goal is that your project installation be hassle free and completely flexible with your schedule.
  • During installation, the mess is kept to a minimum. All universal waste products are removed safely and recycled in compliance with all EPA regulations.
  • We research, prepare and process all utility rebates and provide EPAct Certification where applicable.

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