LED Luminaires Significantly Reduce Energy Consumption, Enhance Safety At Bartow County College

The Bartow County College and Career Academy (BCCCA) addressed lighting uniformity issues in parking lots and driveways with a lighting retrofit from Acuity Brands, Inc. Twenty-eight American Electric Lighting™ Autobahn LED luminaires were mounted to existing 30-foot aluminum poles, replacing 1,000-watt metal halide fixtures.


The outdoor lighting system decreased energy consumption by 22,400 watts, an energy savings of 74 percent. Additionally, the Autobahn LED fixtures produce a crisp, clear white light, illuminating the campus more effectively, and providing a safe and secure environment for faculty, staff and students. The fixtures are controlled by a photocell with instant-on, requiring no warm-up time. The fixture’s design eliminates combined with cutting edge optics help eliminate light trespass into neighboring areas.

“The Autobahn LED fixtures look great and significantly improve lighting uniformity on the BCCCA campus,” said Jonathan Bozeman, Account Executive at Georgia Power, the lighting specifier for the project. “They eliminate dark spots and hot areas, helping to increase student and staff security. We also anticipate long fixture life and reduced maintenance.”

Autobahn LED luminaires are designed to deliver quality performance and a quick payback. Breakthrough LED technology and precision-engineered optics provide exceptional illumination while reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions by 60 percent compared to traditional sources. The luminaires can also integrate with the ROAM® wireless outdoor lighting system from Acuity Controls to maximize maintenance savings. Suitable applications include local, collector and major roadways.

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