Lighting Retrofit Saves Mich. Automotive Group $1.4M

car-dealership-energy-manageCGE Energy (CGE) has upgraded the lighting at four southeast Michigan dealership locations. As a result of the change, Golling will see a return on its investment in less than 14 months and save $1.4 million in total energy costs over the next 10 years.

CGE installed Cree LED lighting to illuminate dealership lots in Lake Orion, Bloomfield Hills and two in Waterford, Michigan. Because the LEDs are brighter and more direct than lighting previously used, the dealerships were also able to use 20 percent fewer fixtures than they had previously.

To reduce the total project cost, CGE helped qualify Golling to receive $57,885 in energy rebates. Golling will immediately realize an average of $13,052 in energy savings per month. In addition to the initial installation, CGE will also maintain Golling’s indoor and outdoor lighting through its RAMP Lighting Maintenance program.

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