Mariners Become First MLB Team To Install LED Lighting

The already bright future of the Seattle Mariners just got a little brighter with the installation of a brand new, ahead-of-the-curve lighting system at Safeco Field.



According to, the Mariners will become the first MLB franchise to illuminate their stadium with LED (light emitting diode), which they say will reduce glare and shadows on the field and create a better all-around experience for everybody concerned, including home viewers.

“Thus far, our experience has indicated that the Mariners new LED technology at Safeco Field will be better for our players, fans in the ballpark and viewers watching at home,” said Joe Garagiola, Jr., senior vice president of standards and on-field operations for Major League Baseball. “We applaud the Mariners for an innovative step that promises to improve efficiency and the fan experience in numerous ways, all while serving as a welcome addition to our overall greening efforts.”

The Mariners and MLB lighting experts have spent the past 48 hours testing the new lighting and measuring its impact on the field. Obviously, the results have been satisfying, with the league adding that the LED system meets or exceeds all league standards. In other words, it’s a full go for the 2015 season, which could provide a glimmer of hope for batters trying to read the spin on Felix Hernandez’s curveball.

Just don’t expect miracles, non-Mariners fans.

Here are a few more details on the system courtesy of KING5 in Seattle:

The Mariners benched some 600 high intensity discharge (HID) lights in favor of an LED system designed by the Federal Way-based company Planled, which has already converted several buildings for Boeing and other companies.

Founder and CEO John Hwang uses human studies and economics to convince companies that LED can improve their productivity and control costs.

Studies show LED can incorporate a fuller spectrum of light and mimic the blue and red components of natural light. It can improve energy levels, moods and performance of athletes and other workers.

Better lighting in addition to controlled costs? That works.

Of course, the Mariners were one of the first MLB teams to go green at the ballpark and bring awareness to the process of conserving energy and recycling. It should come as no surprise that they’re continuing those efforts on this level. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how many other teams follow suit, and whether or not the league becomes active in encouraging the change.

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