Switching Business Lighting to LED Now Easier Than Ever

Until recently locations with linear fluorescent light fixtures had to put a lot of effort into making the switch to LED lighting. Even though there are many options by countless manufacturers, most linear LED lighting requires real work to install into existing fluorescent fixtures. The fragile fluorescent tubes have to be removed, and then the ballasts must each be rewired for the LED tube light fixtures to work. Then the new LED tubes have to be installed. This is time consuming and a disruption to say the least. Workers strewn about on ladders and power outages are sure to strain any environment.


Philips new InstantFit LED T8 lamps do exactly what the name implies, fit instantly into good ol’ fluorescent tube light fixtures. No more rewiring or complicated processes involved with switching to LED lighting: just take out the fluorescent tube, put in the new InstantFit LED lamp, and turn it on. There is one small step to complete first, and really it should be done before you even open your wallet to pay for these nifty light bulbs. The step? Do your research.

According to Philips, these lamps are compatible with “the majority of Instant Start ballasts,” but that doesn’t mean all fluorescent ballasts. It must be an “instant start” type. This isn’t usually a problem as long as the fixture was manufactured within the last thirty years or so. You will also have to check what make and model of your ballast and verify that it is compatible with the LED lamps by checking with Philips. As long as your ballasts are compatible, you are good to go, and just a few moments away from your new LED replacement lighting.

Now that the new lights are installed, you will notice other small changes that seem to really make a difference around the place. Probably the first thing that people will notice is that your new linear LED lights are instant on with no flicker, not “instant on” in fluorescent terms. The next thing you will notice is that these LED lights don’t buzz or hum like fluorescent lights do.

Remember how fluorescent lights didn’t like to be turned off and on frequently, so we just left them turned on for hours when rooms were empty rather than waiting for them to come to full power when we needed them.  Memories are all you will have of this scenario with LED tube lights. They have no trouble with frequent off and on cycles and can be used when we want them, not the other way around.

LED tube lights have other industry-specific uses, too. They operate as normal at temperatures down to -30C and contain no mercury or glass, features that make them perfect for food related businesses, Eco-friendly businesses and other specialty firms as well as cold locations that need reliable lighting. High-end firms, banks, and museums will find great peace of mind knowing that their art and furnishings are safe from UV damage and IR because LED tube lights emit almost zero of either.

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