Nobel Prize Home Lit By LED

The Stockholm Concert Hall, or Konserthuset, is home to the annual Nobel Prize ceremonies and was born from a labor of love. It was completed in 1926 thanks to the efforts of members and supporters of the Stockholm Concert Society as a home for the wonderful music they created. This architectural wonder is one of the world’s best examples of the neoclassical style. Its ten massive Corinthian columns and works from artists like Carl Milles, Isaac Grunewald and Edwald Dahlskog are the perfect backdrop for the most formal of special occasions. Continue reading

Wembley Arena Shows How LEDs Change the Emergency Lighting Landscape

Emergency LED lighting from GDS and its ArcSystem can become a functional and integral part of the house lighting system in public venues such as the Wembley Arena in London.

wembley_lighting080613GDS (Global Design Solutions) has announced that the famed Wembley Arena in London now relies on 44 Arc eight-cell LED fixtures for emergency lighting. But the efficiency and functionality of solid-state lighting (SSL) will allow the arena to utilize the emergency lighting as a functional cog in the overall house lighting. Continue reading