Outdoor Lighting: DOE Funds More SSL, MaxLite Post-Top LEDs, Cree and Projects

The US Department of Energy (DOE) will enable LED street light upgrades in five metropolitan areas under the new High-Performance Outdoor Lighting Accelerator program announced by President Obama. In outdoor products, Cree has combined a customized LED and unique optics in an area-lighting fixture while MaxLite has announced new solid-state lighting (SSL) retrofit kits for post-top fixtures. Moving to projects, Cambridge, MA and Honolulu, HI have announced major street-light upgrade plans with the former having already begun deployment. Continue reading

Detroit’s Plan to Rebuild the Broken Streetlight System

The new Public Lighting Authority of Detroit is beginning a three-year plan to rebuild Detroit’s streetlighting system and downsize it to a more manageable 46,000 or so fixtures.

The authority plans to finance its project by borrowing about $210 million. The money would come in the form of a $60-million short-term loan and a $150-million bond issue whose proceeds would repay the loan. Continue reading