Wireless Environment Announces Battery-Backed LED Lamp Socket for Emergency Lighting

Startup specialty-lighting manufacturer Wireless Environment is using Lightfair International to launch the SwitchSense Bulb Adaptor that delivers a novel approach to emergency lighting. Designed for use with LED or compact fluorescent (CFL) replacement lamps, the adaptor can power lamps with a standard Edison base with batteries that are activated in the event of power failure to a building.

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What’s Best, LED or Incandescent Lights?

Q. I’m replacing the lights in my home before putting it on the market. Is it better to install LED fixtures, if it’s true that incandescent bulbs are being phased out? 

A. From a sales perspective, high-efficiency LED lighting is a nice perk, said Ron Lense, an associate real estate broker at Douglas Elliman in Manhattan. But it may not significantly affect your selling price.

Steven Miric/Getty Images

Steven Miric/Getty Images

“Everybody loves going green,” he said. “They just don’t necessarily want to pay a lot of extra money for it.”

LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular, he said, and if you install it now, “you’ll be ahead of the curve.” Just be cautious about the fixtures you choose, “because this is emerging technology that is quickly changing.” Continue reading

How Cree Perfected The 20-Year Lightbulb

This North Carolina maker of light emitting diodes aims to kill off the incandescent lightbulb. It’s already doubled its market cap to $7 billion in just one year.

Cree CEO Chuck Swoboda, May 2013. Credit Michael J. Bowles for Forbes

Cree CEO Chuck Swoboda, May 2013.
Credit Michael J. Bowles for Forbes

In the ad for Cree lightbulbs you see snow whipping across a desolate field as a bagpipe creaks out “Amazing Grace.” An announcer holds up a lightbulb and speaks into the camera. “Mr. Edison, today we lay to rest your creation, the incandescent lightbulb. I know you’re not shocked, sir. You knew that it needed an unreasonable amount of energy to do its job and that it had the life span of a lucky bug.”

He fits the bulb into a tiny wooden casket and places it into a hole in the ground. Then we see Cree’s new LED bulb. “The biggest thing since the lightbulb,” we’re told. Continue reading