Outdoor Lighting: DOE Funds More SSL, MaxLite Post-Top LEDs, Cree and Projects

The US Department of Energy (DOE) will enable LED street light upgrades in five metropolitan areas under the new High-Performance Outdoor Lighting Accelerator program announced by President Obama. In outdoor products, Cree has combined a customized LED and unique optics in an area-lighting fixture while MaxLite has announced new solid-state lighting (SSL) retrofit kits for post-top fixtures. Moving to projects, Cambridge, MA and Honolulu, HI have announced major street-light upgrade plans with the former having already begun deployment. Continue reading

Osram LEDs to Light the Sistine Chapel’s Michelangelo Frescoes

LED-based lighting will enable higher illuminance levels on iconic artwork in famed Rome cathedral while preserving the historically-significant work and utilizing 60% less energy.

Osram’s lighting business has announced that it will be retrofitting the lighting in the Rome, Italy Sistine Chapel, using LED-based fixtures to highlight the Michelangelo frescoes. The project, involving custom-designed fixtures optimized for beam control and with a color spectrum that will highlight the pigmentation in the frescoes, will be completed next year, although a pilot project entitled LED4Art has already proven the concept. Continue reading

Part One: Advances In Lighting Technology Give Facility Managers New Options For Savings

For facility managers who have taken basic steps to reduce lighting system energy costs, the ability to wring savings out of lighting systems doesn’t end there.

Advances in technology continue to provide additional opportunities for savings. In fact, the average commercial facility could stand to do more than just basic upgrades to its outmoded lighting systems. Options run the gamut — including fixture replacement, daylighting, dimming, advanced control and ballast strategies.

“[A facility manager’s] best bet is to explore the different energy management strategies that are available,” says John J. Brelus, General Electric‘s global product general manager — fluorescent systems. Continue reading

Wembley Arena Shows How LEDs Change the Emergency Lighting Landscape

Emergency LED lighting from GDS and its ArcSystem can become a functional and integral part of the house lighting system in public venues such as the Wembley Arena in London.

wembley_lighting080613GDS (Global Design Solutions) has announced that the famed Wembley Arena in London now relies on 44 Arc eight-cell LED fixtures for emergency lighting. But the efficiency and functionality of solid-state lighting (SSL) will allow the arena to utilize the emergency lighting as a functional cog in the overall house lighting. Continue reading

Lighting To Overtake Cellphones As Largest LED Driver IC Sector

With the efficiency and total lumen output for light emitting diodes (LED) on the rise, lighting this year will surpass cellphones as the biggest application for LED driver ICs (integrated circuit), with revenue rising by more than 50 percent annually, and then more than doubling by 2018.

The market for LED driver ICs in LED lighting is set to grow to $323 million this year, upLighting to overtake from $214 million in 2012, according to a new report from IMS Research, now part of IHS Inc. This will allow the LED market for lighting to exceed that of cellphones, which will have revenue of $316 million. Continue reading

Advanced Sustainable Lighting Solutions

Technology Foundation STW and Philips has officially launched its “Advanced Sustainable Lighting Solutions” partnership to meet the growing demand for sustainable lighting with the approval of eight research projects.

Mega LEDs. Source: RobotGrrl

Mega LEDs. Source: RobotGrrl

By 2050, the world’s lighting consumption is expected to have increased threefold. Continue reading

Cleveland Public Power to Test LED Street Lights for 2 Years

By Leila Atassi, The Plain Dealer 

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Residents and motorists in several Cleveland neighborhoods will see their streets in a different light next month — when the warm glow of traditional street lights is replaced by the white illumination of energy-efficient LED’s.

For two years beginning May 1, city-owned Cleveland Public Power will test four varieties of LED street lights on both sides of the city and downtown to gauge efficiency, coverage and how well they hold up to harsh Cleveland weather.

A worker changes a city street light. The city of Cleveland will begin testing energy-efficient LEDs in areas of the city on May 1. Plain Dealer File.

A worker changes a city street light. The city of Cleveland will begin testing energy-efficient LEDs in areas of the city on May 1. Plain Dealer File.

Mayor Frank Jackson first unveiled the plan in 2011, a year after the administration launched an unsuccessful effort to find a company willing to sell the city LED lights in exchange for creating jobs. Continue reading