Havells Floodlights Illuminate Liverpool Church

The memorial chapel at Mossley Hill Church in Liverpool is benefiting from a new lighting scheme and control system designed by Cundall Light4. The scheme, which features the award-winning Concord Beacon Muse LED, offers energy-saving and aesthetic benefits which highlight the interior architecture of the historic building.

Mossley Hill Church

The Mossley Hill Church redevelopment has architectural elements that combine to make this chapel an exceptional space within one of Liverpool’s finest Victorian Churches. The brief was to design an energy-efficient scheme that could deliver a variety of lighting scenes to suit the wide varieties church services including prayer meetings, group discussions and readings. Continue reading

Office Lighting

Good lighting not only enables people to see, it affects how they feel. Energy efficient lighting can help enrich office life and reduce the energy demands on a building. Lighting is one of the most attractive ways to save energy as older, inefficient lighting technology can account for 40% of the office electricity bill.

Companies can benefit from efficient and effective office lighting. Today’s workplace is a complex and fluid environment, involving a wide range of visual tasks.

Akron, OH

Ram Sales

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Exterior Lighting

By upgrading to energy efficient lighting, you save money. Another important savings factor for exterior lighting (or any difficult to reach area) is the savings achieved through reduction in maintenance costs.

Energy efficient exterior lighting takes two approaches: using the most efficient types of lamps, and using efficient controls to determine when the lighting is used.

Whitehouse, OH

Kennametal Exterior

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Efficient Lighting Tops Energy Efficiency Investment League

Efficient lighting tops the list of green technology investments in a new survey from the Carbon Trust.

Over three-quarters of businesses polled (77%) said they’d invested in energy efficientgreen business directory lighting in the past year, followed by employee awareness training (59%) and energy metering, monitoring and targeting technology (57%).
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EPA Publishes the Final Draft of the Energy Star Lamps Specification

Intended to become effective September 1, 2014, the final draft of the Lamps V1.0 specification includes refinement of dimming requirements and other minor changes from draft 4 that was recently circulated for comments.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the final draft of the Energy Star Lamps V1.0 specification that has been under development for more than two years. The changes from draft 4 that had been published this spring are relatively minor, and the new specification is slated to take effect September 1, 2014. The agency intends to publish the final specification in August. Continue reading

Act Now – Rebates Expiring Soon!

Current rebates can help reduce the cost of your lighting project. USIlluminations provides all material and documentation necessary to ensure compliance for qualification requirements of any potential incentive dollars available through utility company rebate programs. We carefully prepare each application to maximize the return of any and all
funds available to clients.

The following rebate programs could be beneficial to Ohio residents: Continue reading

Cleveland Public Power to Test LED Street Lights for 2 Years

By Leila Atassi, The Plain Dealer 

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Residents and motorists in several Cleveland neighborhoods will see their streets in a different light next month — when the warm glow of traditional street lights is replaced by the white illumination of energy-efficient LED’s.

For two years beginning May 1, city-owned Cleveland Public Power will test four varieties of LED street lights on both sides of the city and downtown to gauge efficiency, coverage and how well they hold up to harsh Cleveland weather.

A worker changes a city street light. The city of Cleveland will begin testing energy-efficient LEDs in areas of the city on May 1. Plain Dealer File.

A worker changes a city street light. The city of Cleveland will begin testing energy-efficient LEDs in areas of the city on May 1. Plain Dealer File.

Mayor Frank Jackson first unveiled the plan in 2011, a year after the administration launched an unsuccessful effort to find a company willing to sell the city LED lights in exchange for creating jobs. Continue reading

How LED Lighting Could Help Cut Food Waste

From Green Business

supermarketledChanging the light bulbs could help supermarkets reduce the estimated 300,000 tons of food waste they produce each year, according to one lighting company.

Welsh firm Sedna LED reckons illuminating fresh produce with light bulbs that emit heat causes food to sweat in its packaging, contributing to the food waste mountain that costs retailers millions of pounds each year.

As a result, the company is arguing that in addition to cutting energy bills, LED lights could also help keep food fresh. Continue reading

LED Lighting Tax Deductions: Don’t Get Left In The Dark

From Balboa Capital

These days, just about everyone is doing their part to help protect the environment we live in. People are “going green” by recycling, saving energy, driving hybrid cars, carpooling, conserving water and eating sustainable foods. And they’re not alone. Commercial buildings, apartment complexes, supermarkets, warehouses, hotels and more are also taking the necessary steps to conserve resources and reduce their carbon footprint. One way they are doing this is by adding LED lighting to their facilities. In fact, doing so enables businesses to take advantage of the Section 179D Commercial Building Tax Deduction. Continue reading

Watts for Dessert? A Look at Edible Lighting Technologies

From 1000bulbs.com Caitlin Victor 

Everyone has heard the adage “my dog ate my homework.” Educators would say this is an excruciatingly poor excuse for not doing homework. However, “my dog ate my lamp, so I couldn’t do my homework” may soon become a legitimate excuse.

Thanks to some incredibly creative artists, the lighting world has a new addition, edible lamps. A sweet treat and good for the environment, these lamps definitely bring a new, distinctive quality to lighting. Continue reading