Wireless Environment Announces Battery-Backed LED Lamp Socket for Emergency Lighting

Startup specialty-lighting manufacturer Wireless Environment is using Lightfair International to launch the SwitchSense Bulb Adaptor that delivers a novel approach to emergency lighting. Designed for use with LED or compact fluorescent (CFL) replacement lamps, the adaptor can power lamps with a standard Edison base with batteries that are activated in the event of power failure to a building.

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This Energy-Generating Soccer Ball is Lighting Up the World With Play

Jessica Matthews is bringing clean energy to the world, one sport at a time.

Matthews is the founder of Uncharted Play, a startup making sports equipment that generates energy as you play.


Photo Credit: Uncharted Play Facebook

“We are organized around one simple mission — to inspire people around the world to lead playful lives and foster their wellbeing,” Matthews told VentureBeat in an interview. “Life brings up all these distractions, and it is the job of businesses to design products that make it easier for people to do good. Recycling is annoying, and a solar panel won’t inspire kids to take something apart and put it back together. What we do is put utility into the most loved sport around the world.” Continue reading