Implementing LED Lighting in Your Facility: What to Consider

For many buildings, switching to more efficient lighting is one of the “low hanging fruit” for improving energy efficiency. Facility managers are increasingly turning to LED lighting technology to meet their energy efficiency goals.

casino led lightingLED bulbs top the lighting charts in energy efficiency and longevity, and frequently represent a payback of three years or less. However, LEDs may not be the best choice for every application. When considering whether to implement LEDs in your facility, you’ll need to take many factors into account. Continue reading

Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral Transformed By LED Lighting

The 12th-century French-Gothic Cathedral has been relit with over 400 Philips LEDs.

After LEDs were installed    Images: Royal Philips

After LEDs were installed Images: Royal Philips

The new lighting scheme was designed to allow different atmospheres to be created depending on whether a religious ceremony, tourist visit or concert is taking place in the Cathedral. Continue reading