Philips Lighting Questions Proper Light-Level Standards for Office Workers

iifphilipsnews031815Philips Lighting has issued a challenge to the regulatory bodies that specify light levels for various commercial-workplace scenarios to reconsider specifications given the broad age range in the workforce. In office scenarios, for instance, Philips said the 500-lx (50-fc) level that’s typically specified for office task lighting is insufficient for workers of age 45 and above. Moreover, Philips has released a widget using Facebook that allows office workers to test the light level in their own office setting. Continue reading

New Lighting Standards in 2012

Beginning in 2012, common light bulbs sold in the United States will use 25 percent to 80 percent less energy. The new bulbs offer a wide range of color and brightness. Many of them last longer than traditional bulbs. Lighting standards phase in from 2012-2014 and don’t ban any specific bulb; they state bulbs need to use about 25 percent less energy. Continue reading