Eaton Helps Duquesne University Increase Energy Efficiency At The Gumberg Library

Power management company Eaton announced that its Neo-Ray Index light-emitting diode (LED) luminaires are helping to improve the lighting performance while lowering energy usage in the Gumberg Library at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. Recently completed on its first floor, this LED lighting upgrade will help the university reduce its annual energy consumption for the floor significantly.


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Plasma Luminaires Improve Working Conditions at Port of Seattle

Bright Light Systems, a leading manufacturer of Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) luminaires and wireless lighting controls, has announced the completion of a lighting upgrade project at the Port of Seattle Terminals 90 and 91. These terminals provide mooring for cruise ships as well as commercial workboats and fishing vessels.

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Lighting Upgrade Saves $130K Annually, Cuts 1.3M kWh

parking-garage-Energy-ManageThe Shops at Grand Avenue’s parking garage in Milwaukee, Wis., got an LED lighting upgrade, replacing 986 metal halide 150W lights with VPL LED parking vaportight fixtures manufactured by Precision-Paragon (P2), consuming 51 watts each.

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Recreational & Sports Facility Lighting

Lights run in recreational facilities for extended periods of time, resulting in high electricity bills. Even when patrons aren’t in the facility, lights may be left on for a janitorial crew. By installing energy efficient lights you can reduce energy costs and heat gain. Installing sensors controlled by occupancy and natural light levels can reduce your costs.

Because recreational facilities typically have high energy consumption, upgrading to energy efficient technologies can significantly reduce their energy and operating costs – both immediately and for years to come.

Green, OH

Green Tennis Club

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LED Payoff $2 Million For Vegas Hotels

When the Las Vegas Sands Corp. began construction on their 5 Diamond resort, the Palazzo was intended to be the cream of the crop, but being the greenest hotel in Las Vegas wasn’t really their top priority. The corporation wanted to be as green as they could, but they were not willing to give up any luxury that a guest could expect or request. They were fortunate that their choice of contractors was LEED Certified because it has changed the direction of the company, and customers are flocking to their innovative, environmentally responsible facilities around the world, all the while thoroughly enjoying the luxurious and environmentally friendly high-end resorts guilt free.

New LED lighting in hotel guest rooms and meeting rooms has helped Las Vegas Sands Corp. save $2 million on its annual lighting bill. Photo: Las Vegas Sands Corp.

New LED lighting in hotel guest rooms and meeting rooms has helped Las Vegas Sands Corp. save $2 million on its annual lighting bill. Photo: Las Vegas Sands Corp.

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Our 2 Year Anniversary Countdown | Schools

Today, we look at two of our educational facility clients that we helped conserve energy, reduce maintenance costs and enhance their work environments over the past two years.

Lighting accounts for nearly 50 percent of the electric bills in most schools. A simple lighting upgrade can help any school start to save money – today. According to studies, incandescent lights and standard fluorescents reduce learning. Fluorescent lights have also been shown to increase fidgeting and restlessness in school aged children. Lighting is linked to being a major contributor to student health and learning. Continue reading

Is This The End of T12 Lamps and Ballasts?

What’s Happening?

  • Manufacturers are phasing out production of T12 lamps and ballasts.
  • Less availability of T12 lamps and ballasts.
  • Increased costs, up to triple the normal price, because of supply and demand of T12 lamps and ballasts.
  • To meet energy efficient federal regulations, manufacturers will focus on T8 and T5 lamp and ballast production.
  • There’s a limited opportunity to access incentive funds from utility companies for T12 lighting upgrades. Continue reading