Switching Business Lighting to LED Now Easier Than Ever

Until recently locations with linear fluorescent light fixtures had to put a lot of effort into making the switch to LED lighting. Even though there are many options by countless manufacturers, most linear LED lighting requires real work to install into existing fluorescent fixtures. The fragile fluorescent tubes have to be removed, and then the ballasts must each be rewired for the LED tube light fixtures to work. Then the new LED tubes have to be installed. This is time consuming and a disruption to say the least. Workers strewn about on ladders and power outages are sure to strain any environment.

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T5 And T8 Linear Fluorescent Lamp Shipments Surge During First Quarter

National Electrical Manufacturers Association’s (NEMA) T5 and T8 linear fluorescent lampt5-t8 indexes surged upward 6.3 and 15.7 percent on a year-over-year basis (y/y), respectively, during 2013Q1. Moreover, the T8 index value of 120.2 was the second highest in the history of the series. Meanwhile, the index reading of 173.9 for T5 lamps was the highest since 2011. Not surprisingly, the index for T12 lamp shipments continued to diminish, posting a decrease of 38.9 percent (y/y), settling at a value of 36.5 for the quarter. Continue reading

Act Now – Rebates Expiring Soon!

Current rebates can help reduce the cost of your lighting project. USIlluminations provides all material and documentation necessary to ensure compliance for qualification requirements of any potential incentive dollars available through utility company rebate programs. We carefully prepare each application to maximize the return of any and all
funds available to clients.

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