Restaurant Lighting

Restaurants are the most energy intensive commercial buildings in the United States according to the Energy Information Administration. Restaurants, per square foot, consume nearly three times the energy of the average commercial building. Closets, storage rooms, break rooms and even walk-in refrigerators are great candidates for occupancy sensors. Exit signs using LEDs are a great alternative to incandescent-based signs.

Lighting accounts for nearly 13% of all the energy used in a restaurant. It is one of the easiest places to save money.

Akron, OH

Dairy Queen

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Business Loves LED Lighting; Consumers are Catching Up

Wherever you go these days, you see businesses switching their lighting systems from old-fashioned incandescent or harsh fluorescent to bright and shiny new LEDs. The local supermarket, the office where you work, the train station, restaurant or department store—all of these businesses are seeing the benefits of this rapidly developing technology. The light produced by LED bulbs is brighter and warmer and more focused than ever before, and business owners love the savings to their energy bills. But what about consumers?


Businesses, especially retail, are moving to LED lighting. In Japan, market penetration is over 50 percent and expected to hit 90 percent. Consumers are slower to embrace the technology, balking at the high cost of a bulb. But that is changing.

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Domino’s Sets World Record for LED Lighting Efficiency

Domino's production area after retrofit. Vanguard Energy Solutions + Independence LED

Domino’s production area after retrofit. Vanguard Energy Solutions + Independence LED

The Domino’s location at 28 West Blackwell Street in Dover, NJ has completed the most energy efficient restaurant lighting retrofit in the world, according to Vanguard Energy Services NJ and Independence LED. Continue reading

Our 2 Year Anniversary Countdown | Restaurants

Looking back over the past two years, as we come closer to celebrating our two year anniversary, our clients have had a great first year return on investment! When our clients are happy – we’re happy!

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