Act Now – Rebates Expiring Soon!

Current rebates can help reduce the cost of your lighting project. USIlluminations provides all material and documentation necessary to ensure compliance for qualification requirements of any potential incentive dollars available through utility company rebate programs. We carefully prepare each application to maximize the return of any and all
funds available to clients.

The following rebate programs could be beneficial to Ohio residents: Continue reading

Is This The End of T12 Lamps and Ballasts?

What’s Happening?

  • Manufacturers are phasing out production of T12 lamps and ballasts.
  • Less availability of T12 lamps and ballasts.
  • Increased costs, up to triple the normal price, because of supply and demand of T12 lamps and ballasts.
  • To meet energy efficient federal regulations, manufacturers will focus on T8 and T5 lamp and ballast production.
  • There’s a limited opportunity to access incentive funds from utility companies for T12 lighting upgrades. Continue reading